Finasteride 1 mg - unique in its capabilities drug. It is the world's first tablet, effectively eliminates the problem of baldness. Effectiveness and duration of effect in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia Propecia is much higher than that of minoxidil, so now these pills called "medicine number two" for men, standing in second place for the sales leader - Viagra. Following successful clinical trials of Propecia is steadily growing in popularity.

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It is noteworthy that the regular intake of finasteride 1mg leads to upgrade bulbs that produced vellus hair, and stimulates the growth of high-grade real hair. It is only natural that the results may be different depending on the individual characteristics of the human body. Until now, it was thought that androgenetic alopecia cure with absolute efficiency can only be women. The effectiveness of drug therapy for men taken to determine the stages of the disease by Norwood from I to VII, and it is recommended to start the treatment of baldness as early as possible in order to achieve greater effect. Studies have shown that even in advanced cases of the use of Propecia allows, if not regain lost hair in full, or at least fully prevent further hair loss, and keep the remaining amount of hair. If patience and persistence, repeat courses of treatment, then after a year or a little more, you can leave with alopecia problems in the past, and enjoy a much more lush and thick hair.

Propecia: efficiency!

Clinical studies confirm the high efficacy of the drug Propecia. Based on the results a little less than 90% of the subjects noticed that their hair stopped falling out. A year later, the medication half of the patients resumed growth of hair. And in 18 months the percentage of men whose hair is found a "second life", rose to 66%. We emphasize that finasteride gives amazing results, restores hair follicles on the crown, but also eliminates the bald forehead, perfectly coping with the so-called male type of baldness. Before the advent of Propecia was thought that the head of the least of these are treatable, because that is where is the hair follicles that are sensitive to the effects of the male sex hormone. This drug with proven efficacy returns hair strong floor.

Finasteride 1mg

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